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Commercial Painters in Albany, NY

There is nothing more exciting than your business growing and you begin to require more space. At the same time nothing can be more complicated, expensive, and scary. As home to the capital of New York, Albany has a bustling downtown mixture of commercial office space, as well as some warehousing located in its warehouse district. Whichever type of work and office space you choose, trust in our commercial painters in Albany, NY.  These experienced painting contractors will be there to help you make sure that the final product reflects the time and effort you put into it to choosing the space in the first place.

Unlike residential painting contractors, a commercial painter will have to take certain aspects of your job into consideration that typically would not be a factor in home painting. One aspect of a commercial job can be the work permits, will this interior work need permits? Will this all fall under the General Contractor or will this be the owner’s job? Not every construction project is the same, and all these factors will determine Albany Paint Company’s best role for you and to deliver the final product you’ll need to have the office space you deserve.
When going through your construction budgets with your general contractor, there are always area of the budget that you can begin to look at for cost savings. Typically, the final painted product is a place they may look to do so. Maybe have the owner paint it themselves or maybe just pay a friend for some night and weekend work. This can work out well in an owner’s favor…or it can be an absolute disaster.

The old adage you get what you paid for cannot be understated when it comes to your commercial paint job. Although on a spreadsheet it may make sense, but when all the electric, plumbing and drywall are completed, all that will be seen is the final product and how it was painted. Commercial office space is a place where you bring clients to show them you are a respected and authoritative member of your profession; the final paint job can speak volumes to this.

Please contact us to help walk you though finishes, paint types and the best way to achieve the final look that will put prospective clients at ease and make sure your office space stays bright and clean. Hiring a commercial painting contractor will be the best money you spent on your whole project. Don’t think of it more money to spend, think of it more as an investment made to secure your original investment. Call your local commercial painting contractor and let us give you a free estimate to make your space beautiful.

Custom Coatings

Often times just a regular paint job wont do the trick. Overly weathered decks and exteriors tend to need a better and often times custom solution. Let Albany Paint Company help you develop a custom solution to your problems. It may be a mix of a new stain or epoxy, whichever it may be, we are here to make sure you’re happy with your end product!

General Contractors

If you’re a local General Contractor looking for bids on exterior, interior or commercial painting, please give us a ring, we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate.

What may look like a complete renovation, may just need a fresh coat of paint to bring the old office some new life! Call our painting company now.