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Commercial Painters in Albany, NY

Have you neglected the outside of your home for too long? Maybe you have an outdated looking brick exterior? The exterior of your home or building takes more wear and tear than any other surface. Call Albany Paint Company and we can come by and get you a free estimate on making the exterior of your home shine.

Living in or near Albany NY, our homes exterior can go through a mixed bag of weather. The freeze thaw cycle of the winter will begin to make any cracks or seems more pronounced, and as the weather becomes a bit more humid, you can start to see peat moss, mushroom, mold and other fungus and growths begin to take root. The best course of action is to remove the new growth before it has a chance to spread.
But this only stops the problem from growing, it does not completely solve the problem of the newly discolored and cracked exterior. It is not uncommon for brick exteriors to missing large chunks of mortar from the spread of fauna and excesses water damage. It is also not uncommon for wood siding to be completely destroyed by spores and other organic materials.

Before any exterior painting commences, the house needs to be pressure washed and the entire exterior surface cleaned. All wood siding that needs replacing can start to be replaced with boards of the same size, any existing paint chips needs to be scraped off to make sure the new surface is paint ready. Exterior masonry has to be re-pointed (new mortar to be put in between cracks), any cracked or broken bricks have to be replaced and re-toothed into spots to fill the voids. And do not worry about matching the color of the bricks, we will be painting over them and for now they are doing the job of filling in the holes.

With the exterior surface resided where it needs to, with the brick and mortar replaced and all holes and cracks filled in, it is time to start priming the surface before painting. Make sure when picking a primer that it is the kind that adheres to whatever surface you will be using it on, masonry, aluminum and wood exteriors will all have a different type of paint. Another helpful suggestion that any paint contractor will do; is to tint the primer the new color, especially if you are going from a dark to light color. This can reduce the number of coats of paint your home of building will need and also give it a nice finish.

Any home project can be daunting, especially the unknowns of exterior renovation, but they do not have to be when you hire a professional paint contractor like Albany Paint Company. We will help walk you through this whole process from color choice to the proper exterior paint you will need to make this the last exterior paint job for a while. So before you start getting quotes to change out that old siding, give our professional painters a call and we can help save you money and beautify your home.