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Albany Residential Painters

Has your interior looked the same for the past decade? Maybe it’s time for the stenciled “Live Laugh Love” to be painted right over. What ever the reason may be, Albany Paint Company is here to help you achieve the look your walls deserve, because lets face it, times have changed.

Everyone knows that as the times change so do our tastes and needs. What might have been a good idea in the 90’s (*cough, popcorn ceilings, cough*) may not age so well. And that is where we come in. As a Capital Region Painting Contractor, we specialized in making the old and unsightly new, fresh and in the process saving you thousands of dollars on a major renovation. Painting can be the most cost effective remodel that you do to your house to keep the fresh appeal you fell in love with, without spending months living in a construction site.

Aside from choosing the new color (the fun part!) Your average homeowner may not know that there many, many variables right down to the paint you are choosing. Most paint in New York will be a latex paint, oil based paint, or water based paint. Depending on the wall material, what is currently on the wall and what the finish product is to be, will greatly effect your paint base choice, always ask a professional painting contractor to walk you though these choices to help make the right choice the first time.

You may be looking to paint your whole home the same color, but you may not use the same paint finish from room to room. Kitchens are high use areas of any household, and they tend to get messier and cleaned more often than any other room. You want something durable and easy to clean; this would mean a high gloss or semi-gloss finish would get the job done.

Living spaces are a different story. A living room may have high traffic but won’t attract the mess that a kitchen typically does. A good satin finish paint can achieve the look you want here and stand up to the traffic of every day life. Now a bedroom on the other hand will need something clean, smooth and wont need to stand up to the hustle and bustle of daily movement, an eggshell finish paint would do just fine in a room like this.

On top of these choices you can throw in a flat or matte finish for a different look. Mix all the different finishes with the different based paints and the different uses for different rooms and you can end up with an endless list of combinations. And sometimes even based on what is currently on the walls (color and finish) these recommendations can change. But I’ll tell you what recommendation won’t change, our recommendation to give our painting contractors a call and let us give you a free consultation on price and what you job needs to not only get done, but to get done right!